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Tomoko Shimizu清水知子
Tomoko Shimizu

Born in Aichi. Associate professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsukuba University, specializing in media and cultural theory. Publications include Culture and Violence: The Unravelling Union Jack(Getsuyosha), Community-Engaged Art Project(joint authorship, Horinouchi Publishing), Art and Labour(joint authorship, Suiseisha), and Towards the 21st Century Philosophy(joint authorship, Minerva Shobo). Translations include Judith Butler, Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly(co-translation, Seidosha) and Antonio Negri & Michael Hardt, Declaration(co-translation, NHK Publishing).

Toshiro Inaba稲葉俊郎
Toshiro Inaba

Toshiro Inaba, M.D.
Born in Kumamoto, 1979. Cardiologist and Research Associate at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of the University of Tokyo Hospital, specializing in cardiac catheterization and congenital heart diseases. Inaba is also involved in home medical care and mountain medicine. In addition to Western medicine, he also has expertise with traditional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and folk medicine. Since the East Japan Great Earthquake of 2011, he has initiated discussions with people from other fields aspiring to create a new society. He has authored articles in various journals and written publications including “Inochi o Yobisamasu Mono” (Anonima Studio) and “Korokoro Suru Karada” (Shunjusha).

Tsuyoshi Kawasoe河添 剛
河添 剛
Tsuyoshi Kawasoe

Graduated from Keio University, specialized in French literature. Critic of art and music, painter, graphic designer & art consultant. One of the members of ULYSSES. He is the author of “In Case Of Suzanne Lafont ” (1999), and  supervised “T.Rex File” (2005), “Friction  The Book” (2007), “Acid Folk” (2008) and many other books. He was currently assisting to re-publish Andy Warhol / Gerard Malanga’s “Screen Tests / A Diary” and writing a long study on “Screen Tests”.

vivienne satoヴィヴィアン佐藤
vivienne sato

Artist, writer, unbuild architect, drag queen, and promoter who traverses genres in analyzing art, architecture, film, and cities from a unique perspective. Teaches at the Vantan Design Institute and works as an art and local development advisor for Aomori Prefecture. Is also a travel ambassador for Onomichi in Hiroshima and a talento associated with Sun Music.

Yasuki Fujita藤田康城
Yasuki Fujita

Theater director. Artistic director for Theatre Company ARICA since 2001. Directed the Japan premiere of György Ligeti’s opera “Le Grand Macabre” at the New National Theatre in 2009. Is also a part-time lecturer at Tama Art University.

Yuri Shirasaka白坂由里
Yuri Shirasaka

Art writer. Was an editor in charge of art for the cultural information magazine WEEKLY PIA from 1991 until ’97. Presently writes for publications such as SPUR and colocal. Has been conducting interviews with artists including Takehito Koganezawa and Taro Izumi, and contributing articles on such projects as the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. Also writes movie reviews, and is involved as a team member in Meguriai JAXA,” a screening event of archival satellite observation images of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) edited into non-staged movies.