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川原英樹 Hideki Kawahara
Hideki Kawahara

Worked as Curator, Art Critic and Yoga Instructor and now working for some government institutions as an interpreter and a translator. My favorite motto is “The higher the hurdle, easy to pass through”.

Hikotaro Kanehira兼平彦太郎
Hikotaro Kanehira

Curator. Lives in Tokyo. Recent curated exhibitions and projects includes amongst others: Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda(statements, Tokyo, 2017), Troedsson Villa Mountain School 2016(statements, Tokyo, 2016, Original concept by Tam Ochiai & Anne Eastman), Futoshi Miyagi: American Boyfriend(2013~).  In addition, he has curated and published artists’ books and zines as independent publisher includes: Yasuto Masumoto, Ryoko Aoki, Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, Nobutaka Aozaki and Shimon Minamikawa.

Hiroshi Egaitsu荏開津広
Hiroshi Egaitsu

HIROSHI EGAITSU is a DJ, writer and lecturer who works both in Tokyo and Koyo. He is one of the pioneers of Tokyo DJs emerged in 1990’s and has been lecturing at Kyoto Seika University and Tokyo University of the Arts. He has written essays inc. ” Art As Punk” for Robert Combas retrospective at Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon(goo.gl/z5RD62 ), articles inc.“The Birth of Hip Hop in Japan” as such (goo.gl/66gQMx ), translated a book“ Sound Art” ( Alan Licht ). His forthcoming book is “Tokyo Bronx Hip Hop” about Japanese rap music.

Hiroyuki Horihata

Fashion brand matohu designer  Horihata founded a fashion brand matohu with his partner Sekiguchi since 2005. He has have been making the case for the inclusion of Japanese aesthetics in contemporary fashion.

Hisato Fujiwara

Born 1983 in Osaka. Theater critic. Member of the editorial staff of the theater review magazine Theater Arts.Co-author of “Goon no zankyo” kara – shinsai, genpatsu to engeki (Bansei Shobo). Member of the International Association of Theatre Critics(IATC/AICT), Japanese Center.


a blogger. born in 1989. living in a small town in Yamagata, I read and think about music every day. my blog “ただの風邪。(just a cold.)” is here -> http://caughtacold.hatenablog.com/