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Takayuki Komuro小室敬幸
Takayuki Komuro

Music writer, radio DJ and university lecturer. Studied composing and musicology at Tokyo College of Music, and is currently involved particularly with classical music, contemporary music, jazz, and film music. He writes for a wide range of publications, including Intoxicate, Latina, Record Geijutsu, Bravo, and Kyoiku Ongaku, and has contributed to Jazz The New Chapter 5, given lectures at the New Japan Philharmonic’s regular Ruby concerts, written music commentary for major orchestras in Tokyo, and has a weekly 4-hour live show on the Ottava internet radio station.
Photo: Taira Tairadate

Taro Igarashi五十嵐太郎
Taro Igarashi

Architectural historian and critic, was born in 1967 in Paris. Professor at Tohoku University. Commissioner for Japan pavilion at the Venice Biennale of architecture 2008. Artistic director of Aichi Triennale 2013 Publications include “Contemporary Japanese architects : Profiles in design”, “Architecture and Music” etc.

Tatsuro Ishii石井達朗
Tatsuro Ishii

Dance critic. Having studied at the Department of Performance Studies, Graduate School, New York University, he is currently Professor Emeritus, Keio University. His main fields of expertise are rituals, shamanism and performing arts in Asia, and new forms of innovative expressions after post-modern dance. He has been a judge at the Toyota Choreography Award, Asahi Performing Arts Award, Cairo International Experimental Theater Festival, and the Wifi Body Festival (Manila) among others. Publications include Sexuality of Transvestism, Shintai no rinkai-ten, Danso-ron, A Filmology of the Circus and Polysexual Love.

Tetsuya Ozaki小崎哲哉
Tetsuya Ozaki

Born in Tokyo in 1955. Publisher and chief editor of culture web magazine “Realkyoto”. A guest researcher, Academic Research Center, Kyoto University of Art and Design. Senior Researcher of Kyoto Performing Arts Center, Kyoto University of Art and Design. From 2000 to 2016, publisher and chief editor of culture web magazine “Realtokyo”.  In 2002 he published “One Hundred Years of Idiocy,” a photo book that summarized human idiocy in the 20th century and launched a bilingual contemporary art magazine “ART iT” in 2003. He became General Producer of performing arts section, Aichi Triennale 2013. He wrote and published a photo book “One Hundred Years of Lunacy” in 2014. In 2018 he wrote and published “What Is Contemporary Art?”

Tsuyoshi Kawasoe河添 剛
河添 剛
Tsuyoshi Kawasoe

Graduated from Keio University, specialized in French literature. Critic of art and music, painter, graphic designer & art consultant. One of the members of ULYSSES. He is the author of “In Case Of Suzanne Lafont ” (1999), and  supervised “T.Rex File” (2005), “Friction  The Book” (2007), “Acid Folk” (2008) and many other books. He was currently assisting to re-publish Andy Warhol / Gerard Malanga’s “Screen Tests / A Diary” and writing a long study on “Screen Tests”.

vivienne satoヴィヴィアン佐藤
vivienne sato

Artist, writer, unbuild architect, drag queen, and promoter who traverses genres in analyzing art, architecture, film, and cities from a unique perspective. Teaches at the Vantan Design Institute and works as an art and local development advisor for Aomori Prefecture. Is also a travel ambassador for Onomichi in Hiroshima and a talento associated with Sun Music.